The Japanese style Tetsubin cast iron teapot is used for both boiling water and steeping tea. I fell in love with these ‘teapots’ while living in the far east, drinking teas that I had never tasted while growing up in Scotland. We will offer a range of very beautiful and colorful Tetsubin style teapots for you to enjoy your tea so much more. Convenience and lack of time often takes over in our busy lives, but occasionally, take a few minutes to steep your tea in one of our collectable Tetsubin pots. – You will be glad you did!

In general, the use of a Tetsubin will enhance the taste of the water used. It will give your water a pleasant after taste and long lasting flavor. For tea drinkers who are seeking to enjoy a stronger after taste in their tea, a Tetsubin is suitable for all types of tea.  In addition , it will reduce the unwanted aromas of your water. Usually, the first thing that a novice Tetsubin user tends to appreciate is the change in the aroma of his tea, rather than the actual taste.  Frankly speaking, you do not need a Tetsubin if you just want to enjoy the aroma component of your tea. However, if you compare two different cups of tea, one brewed with water from a Tetsubin, and one brewed in a stainless steel teapot; you will find that the cup brewed using water from  a Tetsubin will definitely have a deeper aroma and flavor.As to the taste of one’s tea, the effect that  the Tetsubin has on the taste of the water, and hence the tea, differs from one Tetsubin brand to another. This is due to the difference in the raw materials used and the techniques applied in the making of the Tetsubin. But let’s not get too technical – let’s just enjoy our tea!

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