The Tea Emporium is delighted to offer you, our customer, a range of tea accessories to help you enjoy making the ‘perfect cup of tea’. Many of our teapots come with a fine mesh filter, as do some of our ‘drinkware’ tea cups and mugs. However, you may have your ‘favorite’ mug that we provide unbleached paper filters to steep your favorite tea in. Simple and effective, make one mug or a teapot using more tea in the paper filter. These are completely biodegradable and come in packs of 100. I have a favorite polish stoneware mug that I have used for many years and I love it! I use these filter personally for making a cup of my favorite breakfast tea to start the day!

In order to make a great pot of tea, you need to observe the appropriate steeping time. We offer two type of timer, for you to explore how your like the strength and flavor of your favorite tea!

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  • Paper tea filters in a box

    Paper Tea Filters

    Paper Tea Filters. Enjoy loose leaf tea anywhere with t...
    $600 Buy now
  • Digi - Tea - Timer

    Digi – Tea – Timer

    This is a simple to use Digital Tea Timer. Easy to use,...
    $1225 Buy now
  • Travel mug - Activitea

    Travel Mug – Activitea

    Travel Mug – Activitea. Enjoy your Coach & Ho...
    $1900$2400 Buy now
  • Water Pitcher - filtered

    Water Pitcher – Gravitea

    Water Pitcher for filtered water. A quick, economical a...
    $2450 Buy now
  • Perfect tea timer

    Perfect Tea TImer

    This is a 3 – in – 1 tea timer which you ca...
    $1850 Buy now

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