Pu-Erh teas (often known as ‘compressed’ or ‘aged’ teas) they are wonderfully deep, rich, & earthy. Recently entering the international market with a most unique style and flavor, Pu-erh tea is revered by tea lovers from around the world. Aged and fermented Pu-erh enjoys the good reputation of a weight-loss tea & heart-health tea.

The Tea Emporium will be introducing additional types of Pu-Erh teas in addition to the loose leaf style. These will include ‘cake’ and brick shapes in gift boxes..

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  • Wisdom Pu-Erh Chai tea

    Wisdom Pu-erh chai

    An Organic Chai derived from Pu-Erh tea. Almonds, Star ...
    $1800 Buy now
  • Ginger Orange Pu-Erh tea

    Ginger Orange Pu-Erh

    An aged Pu-Erh tea with ginger root and orange peel. A ...
    $1750 Buy now

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