Mt. Everest Breakfast Blend


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This special premium blend includes “tippy” (meaning younger, higher-quality leaf “tips” and buds) leaves from Assam and Yunnan provinces, on either side of the great Himalaya mountains. It has a lighter color and a lighter aroma, but inhale deeply and you will feel pleasantly warmed by the malty nutty aroma. Take a sip for a classic taste – sweet and malty, flavors of caramel and croissants. This strong tea will make you feel ready to climb a mountain!

English Breakfast Tea is that ubiquitous milk-and-sugar biscuits-on-the-side tea time treat. But it was actually Americans who came up with that name – in England it is just called “tea” and they drink it at all times of the day. Most often composed of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan teas, English Breakfast tea is a robust blend popular in England for centuries.

This premium tea is nuanced enough to merit sipping unadulterated, but it is truly at its best with milk and a little sugar (and biscuits on the side, of course). Its bold flavors stand strong and crisp even with nut milks, honey, or other sweeteners like agave syrup or natural stevia.

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