Glass Teapot – Ingenuitea 16 Oz


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A Glass Teapot – Ingenuitea. This teapot’s ingenious design makes brewing gourmet teas as simple as using a bag. And its clear walls provide visual confirmation of the vast difference in quality between gourmet and ordinary teas. Please view a video demonstration of its ingenious design. Made of food-grade plastic. Holds 16 generous ounces for brewing a perfect pitcher of iced tea – or hot tea, if desired.

Here is a link to a video on Youtube to show how it is used, but it is simplicity itself! These can be used to brew either iced tea or hot tea of course. I always recommend brewing tea hot and letting it infuse for a little longer than normal if you are going to then ‘flash Ice’ the tea. For brewing times and suggestions, please take a look at the many articles on our blog section here.

The only difference between this one and the other Ingenuitea we have listed is the size. There are two sizes, This one at 16 Oz and our larger teapot at 28 Oz!


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