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    • Personalitea Multiple color teapot

      Tea Cup Sets of 2

      Tea Cup sets of 2. 10 COLOR VARIATIONS! Check them out&...
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    • Glass Teapot

      Glass Teapot ‘Petit’

      Glass teapot ‘petit’. When making tea for o...
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    • Personalitea Multiple color teapot

      PersonaliTEA – Teapot

      10 COLOR VARIATIONS! Check them out…Enjoy loose l...
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    • Organic Lapsang Souchong

      Lapsang Souchong Black (Loose Leaf) has a bold smoky fl...
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    • An Information panel image on the Keemun Congou tea with descriptions

      Keemun Congou

      Keemun Congou (Loose Leaf) yields mild smokiness notes ...
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    • Singell Darjeeling

      Singell Darjeeling (Loose Leaf) is a rich, golden-tippe...
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    • Product Information panel image for Assam Banaspaty tea.

      Assam (Banaspaty) (Loose Leaf)

      Assam (Banaspaty) is a full-bodied black tea from the f...
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    • A thumbnail image of the Tropical flower tea

      Tropical Flower

      Tropical Flower (Loose Leaf) combines tropical flavors ...
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    • Product Info panel of Spiced Raspberry tea

      Spiced Raspberry

      The Coach and Horses Tea Emporium’s Spiced Raspbe...
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