The Coach and Horses Tea Emporium’ is a veteran owned business. Housed in a 1790’s log and stone farmhouse in the Potomac Highlands. For years we have produced classic and uniquely blended teas for our customers, with an emphasis on variety and freshness. You will see that we only offer ‘Loose Leaf Teas’. We do not offer teas in teabag form or powdered form for a simple reason. It has long been held that the quality of tea in its loose leaf form is far superior to the ‘fannings’ used for teabag use. Although tea in teabags steeps quickly and conveniently (that was one of the reasons for using teabags) it still cannot match the quality of the loose leaf teas brewed correctly in a teapot. I discuss the processes that various types of teas are put to, in our blog, under a variety of articles. Please enjoy reading our many articles on the subjects of tea, health benefits derived from different types of tea and the many excellent ways to prepare wonderful recipes using teas and herbal infusions.

We source our teas and ingredients from around the world. By producing our teas in small batches, we are also able to introduce a range of seasonal teas at appropriate times throughout the year, with the utmost in fresh ingredients.. Our teas arrive to you in a choice of stylish tea tins, keeping the teas dry and free from air and sunlight. Our tea tins and sampler presentation boxes also make ideal gifts for any occasion…

Please enjoy looking at our many categories of teas and the great variety of classic and blended teas from India, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, South Africa and South America. You will find a great deal of information contained in our Blog articles on tea varietals, health benefits and even how best to brew or steep those teas. You will find some great ideas to prepare thirst quenching iced teas for the warmer months and warming infusions for fall and winter…

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  • Product Info Panel for Rose Congou tea

    Rose Congou

    We have taken the finest China Congou black tea and ble...
    $1500 Buy now
  • Jasmine black cream tea

    Jasmine Black Cream

    Chinese Tea, Black tea and jasmine flowers with vanilla...
    $1650 Buy now
  • Product info panel for green tea acerola pineapple blend

    Green tea blend, Acerola, Cherry, Pineapple

    This taste explosion reflects all the newest trends. Th...
    $1850 Buy now
  • Product Info panel on south african honeybush tea

    South African Honeybush

    South African Honeybush (Loose Leaf) is considered the ...
    $1500 Buy now
  • Russian Caravan Smoky tea

    Organic Russian Caravan – Smoky

    A blend of Indian and China smoked teas. Not as pungent...
    $1695 Buy now
  • Energitea green and rooibos blend


    Need a healthy boost?…Try this wonderful Green Te...
    $1695 Buy now
  • Organic sungma autumnul flush darjeeling

    Organic Sungma Autumnal Flush Darjeeling

    Organic Sungma Autumnal Flush Darjeeling is a classic t...
    $1650 Buy now
  • Organic Assam Hathikuli tea info panel

    Assam Hathikuli

    The Hathikuli Tea Estate cultivates noticeably pretty t...
    $1700 Buy now
  • Blood orange Rooibos tea

    Blood Orange Rooibos

      Rooibos, orange peel, hibiscus, rose hips, apple...
    $1650 Buy now
  • Mulled Wine tea

    Fruit tea blend – Mulled Wine – Red Wine Orange Cinnamon

    Is there anyone who does not know this Mulled wine punc...
    $1800 Buy now
  • Product Info Panel on spiced Peach tea

    Spiced Peach

    Spiced Peach (Loose Leaf) combines the essence of sun-r...
    $1500 Buy now

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