This is a collection of favorites that are frequently requested by you, our customer and have been popular over the years; particularly in Springtime…
All tea is beneficial to your health, but many of these teas are particularly high in antioxidants and immune health boosting ingredients. They also happen to be wonderful to help relax and enjoy…

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  • Empress blend with black tea

    Empress Blend – Rajini

    Black tea, lavender and rose petals with ...

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  • Scottish breakfast tea.

    Scottish Breakfast Blend

    A blend of hearty and rich black teas, great with milk....
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  • Tropical green tea

    Tropical Green

    Pan fried green tea, safflowers, marigolds, blue mallow...
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  • Earl Grey De La creme

    Earl Grey De La Creme

    Whole leaf black tea with cornflowers, vanilla and its ...
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  • Info Product Panel for Green tea pear ginger and passionfruit

    Green tea blend, flavored Pear/Ginger/Passionfruit

    Introducing our latest Tea: “To all passionate tea dr...
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  • Rose sencha green tea

    Rose Sencha

    Coveted in Japan and across Asia, Sencha green tea is n...
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  • Mt Everest Breakfast blend

    Mt. Everest Breakfast Blend

    This special premium blend includes “tippy” (meanin...
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  • Vitalitea green tea


    Green tea with hibiscus, safflowers and lemon and raspb...
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  • Mulled Wine tea

    Fruit tea blend – Mulled Wine – Red Wine Orange Cinnamon

    Is there anyone who does not know this Mulled wine punc...
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  • Tropical Earl Grey

    Tropical Earl Grey

    Whole leaf black tea with safflowers, marigolds tropica...
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  • Lung Ching dragon well green tea

    Organic Lung Ching – Dragon Well

      Classic flat long jing leaf style. This tea has ...
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  • Product Info Panel on Rooibos Chocolate and Mint Tea

    Rooibos tea blend, flavored Chocolate/Mint

    Say goodbye to your standard chocolate mints… Thi...
    $1600 Buy now

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