This is a collection of favorites that are frequently requested by you, our customer and have been popular over the years; particularly in Springtime…
All tea is beneficial to your health, but many of these teas are particularly high in antioxidants and immune health boosting ingredients. They also happen to be wonderful to help relax and enjoy…

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  • Organic black tea Nilgiri thiashola

    Organic Black Tea Nilgiri -Thiashola

    When looking for a fine tea from the south of India, we...
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  • Royal golden Yunnan tea

    Organic Royal Golden Yunnan

    This is an outstanding tea from Yunnan province, China....
    $1700 Buy now
  • Rooibos Africana

    Rooibos Africana

      Rooibos, corn flowers and blue mallow flowers wi...
    $1600 Buy now
  • Product Info panel on Pomegranate Cranberry tea

    Black Tea Blend – Pomegranate Cranberry

    We have combined the unique flavor of the pomegranate w...
    $1800 Buy now
  • Grand Earl grey

    Grand Earl Grey

    China Grand Keemun, white tea, bergamot o...

    $1850 Buy now
  • Product Info Panel for Rose Congou tea

    Rose Congou

    We have taken the finest China Congou black tea and ble...
    $1500 Buy now
  • Masala Chai Tea

    Masala Chai

    Black tea, ginger root, cinnamon combine to make a wond...
    $1625 Buy now
  • Blood orange Rooibos tea

    Blood Orange Rooibos

      Rooibos, orange peel, hibiscus, rose hips, apple...
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  • Product info panel for tangerine cardamom green tea

    Green Tea blend Tangerine Cardamom

    An honestly delightful tea – definitely not the u...
    $1650 Buy now
  • Darjeeling Ginger Peach

    A fruity and aromatic blend of brisk Darjeeling black t...
    $1850 Buy now
  • Peach Vanilla Black tea

    Peach Vanilla Tea

    High quality black tea with peach pieces ...

    $1600 Buy now
  • Product Info Panel on spiced Peach tea

    Spiced Peach

    Spiced Peach (Loose Leaf) combines the essence of sun-r...
    $1500 Buy now

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