Tea is increasingly being grown without the use of man-made chemicals, fertilizers pesticides or herbicides and certified as such by that country’s or regions appropriate agencies. Additionally, these teas are also under the supervision of fair trade agencies. Clearly, this is a continuing aspiration of the burgeoning tea industry and greatly welcomed. The Tea Emporium will continue to grow its collection of organic teas over time and as they become available…

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  • Assam Molkabari tea info panel

    Assam Mokalbari East

    A classical Assam from the second plucking period from ...
    $1850 Buy now
  • Wedding Chai Black tea

    Wedding Chai – Black Tea

    This traditional chai drink combines black tea, crushed...
    $1650 Buy now
  • Chocolate Chai black tea

    Chocolate Chai – Black Tea

    Black tea, with real chocolate chips blended with green...
    $1600 Buy now
  • Thumbnail of Pear Cinnamon tea.

    Fruit tea blend – flavored Pear Cinnamon

    This heavenly, fruity, spicy, sweet composition is made...
    $1650 Buy now
  • Kashmiri Green Tea Chai

    Kashmiri Green Tea Chai

    Green Tea with cardamom and cinnamon chips, almonds and...
    $1800 Buy now
  • Wisdom Pu-Erh Chai tea

    Wisdom Pu-erh chai

    An Organic Chai derived from Pu-Erh tea. Almonds, Star ...
    $1800 Buy now
  • Product Info Panel

    Green Chai with Orange Peel

    Sourced from family tea gardens in India, this delicate...
    $1500 Buy now
  • Black tea blend chai tea with caramel

    Black Tea blend – Caramel Chai

    We’ve blended yet another concept of our black Chai. ...
    $1800 Buy now
  • Organic Pinhead Gunpowder tea

    Organic Pinhead Gunpowder

      Evenly rolled pellet shaped leaf with smooth nut...
    $1600 Buy now
  • Acai Berry green with raspberry

    Acai Berry Green with Raspberry

    We love green tea, and we love Acai. But there’s just...
    $1565 Buy now
  • Black tea gingerbread tangerine parfait

    Black Tea Blend – Tangerine, Gingerbread, Parfait

    Spicy, sweet gingerbread and fruity, lively mandarins a...
    $1600 Buy now
  • Presidential blend green dragon tea.

    Presidential Blend – Green Dragon Tea

    A top grade green tea with lemon peels, marigold petals...
    $1850 Buy now

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