Taiwan is a mountainous island off the southeastern coast of China opposite Fujian. Formerly named “Formosa” (Latin for ‘beautifully shaped’) by Portuguese explorers, Taiwan’s green landscape mirrors the lush tranquility found in its teas. Tea was first planted in Taiwan only in the 1800’s when oolong cultivars from Fujian, China were transplanted there,

Many of the worlds oolongs come from two growing areas- the famous Alishan (High Mountain) and the Tsuei Luan region. With a well-deserved reputation for outstanding oolongs, Taiwan nowadays likes to distinguish between its Jade, Amber, and Champagne oolongs. The White Tip (Bai Hao) oolong has a wonderful, unique aroma  Despite differences in leafstyle, Formosa Oolongs are known for fruity, floral aromas and delicate, yet complex, and lush flavors. The Tea Rooms WuYi and Formosa Oolongs and our flavored peach oolong were chosen by many of our customers…

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