China is the homeland of tea where it was discovered some 5000 years ago.China developed and still produces every type of tea – Black, Green, Oolong,White, Pu-Erh and Yellow. The most popular China Black teas are Keemun and Yunnan. Pu-Erh, another black tea, may be made as loose leaf tea or compressed tea, with shapes like a brick, bird’s nest, or disk.

There are over a thousand varieties of China Green tea from various provinces, such as Fujian, Anhui, and Jiangsu.  Some of the most famous China Green teas are Long Jing (Dragon Well), Chunmee (Precious Eyebrow), and Bi Luo Chun(Green Spring Spiral).
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  • Windermere Earl Grey tea

    Windermere Jasmine Earl Grey

    A combination of Chinese green tea and Jasmine flowers ...
    $1850 Buy now
  • Black Sencha sweet fig thumbnail image

    Black Sencha Sweet fig Tea

    This is an outstanding creation with an excellent base ...
    $1695 Buy now
  • Organic Jasmine Green tea

    organic Jasmine Green Tea

      You’ll want to linger over this visually and a...
    $1750 Buy now
  • Acai Berry green with raspberry

    Acai Berry Green with Raspberry

    We love green tea, and we love Acai. But there’s just...
    $1565 Buy now
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    Green Chai with Orange Peel

    Sourced from family tea gardens in India, this delicate...
    $1500 Buy now
  • Presidential blend green dragon tea.

    Presidential Blend – Green Dragon Tea

    A top grade green tea with lemon peels, marigold petals...
    $1850 Buy now
  • Kashmiri Green Tea Chai

    Kashmiri Green Tea Chai

    Green Tea with cardamom and cinnamon chips, almonds and...
    $1800 Buy now
  • Ginger Jasmine

    Ginger Jasmine

      Jasmine tea, ginger root and orange peels. This ...
    $1650 Buy now
  • Organic Pinhead Gunpowder tea

    Organic Pinhead Gunpowder

      Evenly rolled pellet shaped leaf with smooth nut...
    $1600 Buy now
  • An excellent soft tasting green oolong tea

    Ginger Orange Oolong

    An exotic blend of fine green oolong, ginger root and o...
    $1875 Buy now
  • Energitea green and rooibos blend


    Need a healthy boost?…Try this wonderful Green Te...
    $1695 Buy now
  • Organic Mao Feng Green Tea.

    Organic Mao Feng – Green Tea

      Our stunning Mao Feng green tea has the welcomin...
    $2450 Buy now

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