Featured Teas

Featured Teas

Our ‘Featured Teas’ collection or category exists to highlight specific seasonal teas or those that we want to highlight as ‘Special’ We have a lot of teas on offer and each of them, whether a straight black ‘Classical’ tea such as a Darjeeling or a China Black or Green tea have been chosen with care to meet our guidelines: Freshness, Variety, Quality and affordability…

Our blended teas are unique as is the ability to continue to imagine new flavored blends to tempt you with! Our blends are thought through with health and wellness in mind, along with flavor and variety. Please make sure and look at our Tea Samplers which make a great treat for you personally, but a very thoughtful gift for your friends or loved ones…

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  • Windermere Earl Grey tea

    Windermere Jasmine Earl Grey

    A combination of Chinese green tea and Jasmine flowers ...
    $1850 Buy now
  • Peach Apricot black Tea

    Peach Apricot Tea

    Peach Apricot Tea is a light, refreshing tea for those ...
    $1600 Buy now
  • French Vanilla Creme black tea

    French Vanilla Creme

    This artisan blend of black teas is combined with fresh...
    $1850 Buy now
  • Wild Blueberry tea

    Blue Lady Earl Grey

    The Tea Emporium offers a range of Earl Grey teas, each...
    $1575 Buy now
  • Black Sencha sweet fig thumbnail image

    Black Sencha Sweet fig Tea

    This is an outstanding creation with an excellent base ...
    $1695 Buy now
  • Ginger Jasmine

    Ginger Jasmine

      Jasmine tea, ginger root and orange peels. This ...
    $1650 Buy now
  • Assam Molkabari tea info panel

    Assam Mokalbari East

    A classical Assam from the second plucking period from ...
    $1850 Buy now
  • Cranberry fig spirulina fruit tea blend

    Fruit tea blend – Cranberry Fig Spirulina

    A “super” fruit tea offering a harmonious cup witho...
    $1695 Buy now
  • Ginger Orange Pu-Erh tea

    Ginger Orange Pu-Erh

    An aged Pu-Erh tea with ginger root and orange peel. A ...
    $1750 Buy now
  • Wedding Chai Black tea

    Wedding Chai – Black Tea

    This traditional chai drink combines black tea, crushed...
    $1650 Buy now
  • Chocolate Chai black tea

    Chocolate Chai – Black Tea

    Black tea, with real chocolate chips blended with green...
    $1600 Buy now
  • Acai Berry green with raspberry

    Acai Berry Green with Raspberry

    We love green tea, and we love Acai. But there’s just...
    $1565 Buy now

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