Common FAQ’s

Common Questions and tips for shopping

+Q 1. Are all your teas packaged in tins?
We use tins to preserve the freshness and longevity of your teas. These high quality tins have a full airtight seal and clasp. After using the tea you purchase, you could simply keep or remove the label and add your own to use for a range of things, like spices, dry kitchen condiments, herbs etc. In the near future, we may also offer quality foil bags with a full 4 ounces of tea at a slightly reduced price…
+Q 2. Do you offer free shipping?
A 2. Yes we offer free shipping on orders over $65 to the lower 48 states.

When purchasing one tin of tea, the flat rate is $6 dollars; each additional tin is just $2 dollars additional, until you exceed a purchase price of $65 dollars where shipping will be free!

In the case of the category of the collectible teapots, shipped from the UK, we offer a flat rate of shipping of $22 dollars US.

+Q 3. Are you able to provide teas that are not available in your shop?
A 3. Because of our many contacts in the industry, we are invariably able to provide teas that we do not regularly hold. We have many requests for unique and sometimes expensive teas that are not widely available among tea retailers. You may have an absolute favorite that ‘you simply must have’ and we will obtain it if it is a straight classic tea, regardless of whether it originates in India, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, or indeed some of the lesser tea providers in other countries. If it is a particular blend, we will do our best to blend it for you. Our philosophy after years of serving teas at the Coach & Horses Tea Room, is to offer a very large range of unique flavored and blended teas, many of which you are unlikely to find anywhere else…
+Q 4. Do you offer wholesale pricing?
A 4. We do not offer wholesale quantities or pricing per se, however we do provide a number of historic and retail businesses with our branded products for their resale. Please enquire at coachandhorsestea@gmail.com.

We do offer a discount for bulk purchase from corporations, educational institutions. The level of discount will depend on the amount of tea purchased.

+Q 5. Do you offer Gift Cards?
A 5. Yes we do! We have a very large choice of teas in particular and sometimes it can be very difficult to know which of those teas to gift…Having a gift card and message sent to your recipient, friend, family member etc, is an ideal way of giving the gift of tea. They can then redeem the gift card and select their choice of teas, drinkware or teaware at their leisure.
+If you have any questions at all - Please Please just ask us!
Should you have any questions at all about our products or our website, shipping, gift cards, anything at all, please ask and you have our promise that we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible! We look forward to serving you…