Earl Grey is the West’s most popular tea, most popular black tea, and most popular scented tea, in that order. Named after the 1830’s British Prime Minister, Earl Grey is traditionally any tea scented with oil of Bergamot, a citrus fruit found in Mediterranean climes. Corfu was the center of the Bergamot trade. During the same decades it was headquarters for the British Mediterranean fleet, commanded by Lord Grey in London.
Successive generations of heirs to the tea firms of Twining and Jacksons of Piccadilly accused one another’s ancestors of having stolen Milord’s recipe, which seems originally to have been entrusted to Jacksons.

The Tea Emporium offers many imaginative variations and classic versions of this best seller using many different teas and herbs as a base. For example, we use Keemun China Black tea in our Grand Earl Grey, Bai Mu Dan white tea in the White Blossom Earl Grey, and Formosa Oolong in the Oolong Earl Grey. Variations of this wonderful tea are used in iced teas, cooking and baking – a wonderful treat..

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  • Windermere Earl Grey tea

    Windermere Jasmine Earl Grey

    A combination of Chinese green tea and Jasmine flowers ...
    $1850 Buy now
  • Wild Blueberry tea

    Blue Lady Earl Grey

    The Tea Emporium offers a range of Earl Grey teas, each...
    $1575 Buy now
  • Vintage earl grey tea

    Vintage Earl Grey

    Whole Leaf black tea, rose petals, lavender flowers, ro...
    $1550 Buy now
  • White Blossom Earl Grey

    White Blossom Earl Grey – White Tea

    Bai Mu Dan white tea, with blue mallow blossoms and ber...
    $2075 Buy now
  • Rosie Earl Grey tea

    Rosie Earl Grey

    Rosie Earl Grey is a delicate yet bold black tea made w...
    $1600 Buy now
  • Grand Earl grey

    Grand Earl Grey

    China Grand Keemun, white tea, bergamot o...

    $1850 Buy now
  • Earl Grey De La creme

    Earl Grey De La Creme

    Whole leaf black tea with cornflowers, vanilla and its ...
    $1685 Buy now
  • Tropical Earl Grey

    Tropical Earl Grey

    Whole leaf black tea with safflowers, marigolds tropica...
    $1575 Buy now

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