The Tea Emporium has made arrangements with a fine English Pottery in the United Kingdom to provide their unique Teapots directly to us to sell to you, our customer.

The Pottery has been producing hand made, hand painted novel and collectable teapots for many many years. They have in that time produced hundreds of designs, many of which are instantly recognized around the world. In collectors terms their entire production can be described as rare, since each individual item is part of a very limited production run as few as 100 worldwide.

The imagination, humor and novelty of their designs continues a tradition which began in the UK with the first pots imported from China along with the new drink, Tcha (Tea).

By the mid 18th century, potteries such as Whieldon and Wedgewood were experimenting with both designs and materials, and to a large degree it is the extension of that tradition which they have continued in England over the last few decades of the 20th century, and which is carried into their current designs.

Carters hold a position of eminence in the world of novelty and avant garde teapot design, and this has been recognized by the many globally respected businesses and organizations with whom they have worked over the years. Their Harrods ‘Delivery Vans’ and Harrods ‘Shopping Basket’ teapots have been popular for many years, and they continue to proudly supply the world’s most prestigious department store with these and other products.

Their teapots have graced the counters of Liberty of London, Fortnum & Mason, Paul Smith, Heals, Coin (Italy), Peters of Kensington, David Jones (Aus), TopStyle (Russia) and literally hundreds of other clients. Manufactured with pride, to the highest standards, and commissioned by the Royal Yacht Britannia, they produce truly excellent work.

It is in the nature of hand made, hand painted teapots, that each item is in it’s own way unique, and it is this fact, along with the quintessentially British design style, that makes their teapots so popular. The glassy high gloss glazes, deep underglaze colors, and deep lustres, using real gold and platinum, the labor intensive production processes, and unique designs, combine to produce products of an unrivaled quality. These handmade items take a full week to produce and while they are somewhat pricey, please remember the sheer amount of work that goes into them and of course the unique nature of these hand made fully functional teapots…The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!

NOTE: Many of these teapots are made to order, so please expect a period of up to four weeks before it arrives. The prices are reflective of exchange rates US/Sterling, shipping costs and of course their highly unique nature, but what a wonderful teapot for your collection or for a very thoughtful gift…I will be introducing some others for your delight as we progress…

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