The Coach & Horses Tea Emporium offers world class black teas from a number of countries, but primarily from India. There are three main tea producing regions, which are Assam, Darjeeliing and Nilgiri.

Assam is the world’s single largest tea growing region. These teas are prized for their rich, malty, robust cup character. They make great breakfast teas and go well with milk. Assam teas with gold tips in them are of the finest quality.

Darjeeling is often called the “Champagne of Teas.” The Darjeeling district, with its high altitudes and heavy mists, are located in the foothills of the Himalayas. Darjeeling’s three harvests each year, are termed First Flush, Second Flush and Autumnal Flush. The First Flush teas are known yield a greenish cup and exquisite aroma. The Second Flush teas are more robust with muscatel notes and superb aromas. Autumnal teas, produced following the monsoon rains, are similar in character to Second Flush teas.

Nilgiri is referred to as the Southern Darjeeling. Nilgiri – literally translated means “Blue Mountain.” It is the most spectacular mountain range in southern India. Nilgiri teas produce brisk and bright flavors, with a very fragrant aroma.

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