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Hibiscus tea is made from the hibiscus plant known as Hibiscus sabdariffa. The parts of the hibiscus plant used to make this herbal tea are the vibrantly colored hibiscus owers. The petals are steeped in boiling water to create a sour tea with tart and tangy avors.

The taste of hibiscus tea is similar to cranberries and is delicious when brewed as a hot tea or a refreshing iced tea. Hibiscus tea is commonly called Agua de Jamaica or roselle and brews into a rich ruby red color.

This herbal tea is naturally caffeine-free and the petals contain high amounts of vitamin C as well as other antioxidants and minerals that are benecial for the immune system and overall health. Read on to find out more about hibiscus tea benefits backed by scientific research.

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Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

1. Weight Loss

Hibiscus extract is a popular weight loss supplement. Drinking this herbal tea may also help you reach your weight loss goals thanks to its chemical composition. While most weight loss research shows that concentrated forms of this plant are more powerful, the tea is a tasty way to satisfy sweet cravings and can help to a lesser extent.

A study published in Food and Function investigated the effects
of hibiscus extract on 36 participants who had a body mass
index of more than 27. Seventeen patients were assigned to the
control group and 19 were given hibiscus extract every day for a
12 week period. Results showed that the experimental group lost more weight and had less body fat compared to the control group (1).

A second study published in the Journal of Ethno-pharmacology examined the impacts of hibiscus on obese mice. Researchers in this study also found a significant improvement in weight loss. They also found that hibiscus tea improved liquid intake in obese mice (2).

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